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Pensa Suhr MK1 (1988) - corpo in mogano - manico in acero - top in quilted maple 5A (one piece) amber gloss finish - Brasilian Rosewood fingerboard, 25.2" scale - EMG pickups, 5-way selector with Push/Pull on the tone knob (mid boost) - full ivory binding (yellow vintage) note: - … Why? 92 Pensa Suhr Archtop (after John left) ca. I have read and listened some John Suhr interviews/podcasts and he explains that he was building the MK1 for himself. Messages 22. Keep up the good work, it is amazing how much knowledge you have on MK and his career. Thanks for your help man ! Always puzzled why Knopfler would specify a Floyd Rose Trem… Then block it off & use it as a hard tail. Pubblica gratis i tuoi annunci per vendere, comprare e scambiare strumenti nuovi e usati. In 1980, Mark Knopfler and Rudy Pensa met at Rudys Music Stop 48th St New York, a friendship which lasts to today. May 27, 2007 #11 ... some 90ies 91 Pensa Suhr Archtop. Rudy Pensa is the owner of the legendary New York Soho Store, Rudy's Music.. A charismatic New Yorker of Argentine descent, Rudy Pensa has run his legendary NY Soho store since 1978, selling guitars to the biggest names in the business, including Eric Clapton, Lou Reed, Peter Frampton, Lenny Kravitz and many others. But if I did it would be a Suhr, as I know the guitars are built 100% at the factory under John’s guidance. They are all outstanding, and appear to be of the highest quality. Considerando che una Pensa Suhr originale costa sugli 8mila euro, che la Suhr replica costa sui 5mila, ho chiesto al ragazzo se fosse stato in grado di replicarmi la Pensa MK1 con alcune variazioni e specifiche mie. Second, what bridge did MK has there? Actu IA | 2,682 followers on LinkedIn. It was then I realised the humbucker had a guard around it and the slots for single coils weren’t the exact shape of the pick up, so it was possible to see the wiring. Bodies and necks were rough built by Tom Anderson ! It pairs a Mahogany body, with either a Wild, Quilt, or Flame Maple top, and a 25.5" scale length. No napkin, no nothing. Questo non giustifica il prezzo cosi alto ma in parte è dovuto a questo. From what I’ve read the pickup selector switch was modified with a capacitor and a resistor for the combination of the middle (SC) and bridge (HB) pickups. 88 Pensa Suhr Standard . Not responsible for typographical or pricing errors. Copyright © 2020  |  Ecommerce Shopping Cart Design by Aarc Media Group. Maple with rosewood fretboard on the neck. Regarding the wiring: there’s a regular volume control but the tone control features a push/pull poti which activates the EMG SPC midboost. I kept the guitar for 5 years and then sold it on, as I could never quite get over the fact it wasn’t exactly like MK’s. The desire for a life can become reality with a touch of clear ideas. 92 Suhr Custom Standard (after John left) 98 Pensa MK1 Custom. Situé à New York, USA, cette compagnie fut créée par Rudy Pensa. Was wondering about the wiring on this guitar. more info: . According to the book "The official guitar styles of Mark Knopfler - Volume 1", this is a 'prototype' Pensa-Suhr and the first guitar John Suhr built under the Pensa-Suhr name. The two parted ways in March 1990 when Suhr left Pensa's workshops to work for Fender as a Senior Master Builder at the Californian company's Custom Shop and established JS Technologies, Inc. … Naviga tra le offerte di pensa pubblicate dai negozi di strumenti musicali ai prezzi migliori. I already had a good portion of it built before we decided it was for Mark. John wanted to leave and start his own company and Rudy was adamant the name would stick. Pensa and Suhr built instruments together under the brand name Pensa-Suhr. I’m not quite sure what drove me to it but I sold my car (a Ford Escort) and promptly ordered an MK1 Pensa-Suhr, after numerous conversations with Rudy. Product specs and prices subject to change without notice. I understand it is 85/SA/SA with volume pot and a push-pull tone pot the kicks the SPC into gear when pulled. This, as you can imagine, was a bit of a shock and quite a disappointment. Schaller? And lastly, I tried to find the wiring diagram of this guitar all over the net and came out empty. Compare. He also didn’t like the rings not matching the pickup color and wanted Ivory color so I mounted the humbucker from the back so no ring was used. Please use the comment function at the bottom of the page to add any missing relevant info. Thanks for the info. In stock within 8-10 weeks. It was Mahogany Back, 1 Piece maple top Lacquer Colors and Polyester top coat even on the neck since it is the only top coat that would dry in 2 days. Mateus and the Suhr team couldn’t have been more blown away by your submissions. Electric Guitar Mark Knopfler Model 2. Pensa Suhr MK1 More. Info: This is the guitar that master luthier John Suhr built for Mark in 1988, when he was working at Rudy’s Music Stop in New York. in: Chitarre Elettriche; PREZZO IN SUPER OFFERTA - OGGETTO RARISSIMO - SOLO PER GRANDI COLLEZIONISTI Annuncio tratto dal sito internet Pensa Suhr USA. In the late 1990s, Suhr Guitars was born. Black Pensa-Suhr guitar. B. bigmouth Member. Click below for details. Pensa Suhr MK: A dream come true . 1984, used with the Synclaviar, see this blog post. I need to self correct myself. I believe there is a fair bit of lightening holes between the mahogany back and the quilted top but im no expert so cannot comment I believe I have a wiring diagram somewhere I will look. I agree with the storage and handling of my data by this website as described in the Privacy Policy *, { Hi! Pensa MK 2 Flame Top RW Emerald. They are all interesting stories for me buried in blood sweat and tears. That’s it. At that time Anderson was cutting our raw parts but this was not programmed yet. Personally if I could have a choice as to owning a guitar from what I did then as to now there is no comparison, I have learned a LOT in the past 25 years and what I do now is much more of a Suhr hand made instrument that I can be proud of than it ever was.”, “We cut, paint and build everything in our shop here in sunny CA for Suhr Guitars With Pensa Suhr we relied on outside help from people like Anderson and Wilkins Paint. Some information on the values and parts can be found in the Suhr forum though:, I don’t know how to upload it also cant make any sense of it now It is a hand drawing and i think its from John Suhr via email? Joined: Apr 21, 2013 Messages: 41 Likes Received: 30 Location: Moscow, the original one. during a MK concert? Rudy Pensa was the store owner and ran the business end, I did all repairs and building but I was only an employee there and we had no real factory. It always had a very unique tone though through his Jim Kelley amps.”, “Knopflers personal guitar was very roughed out parts from Anderson before he started making complete guitars, basically perimeter cut and that was it. Suhr built another Pensa Suhr – similar to this one but in black with a flat top – before which Mark played both in the studio and on stage a lot (e.g. Nowadays, I’m quite happy playing a beat up old Tele and a lovely Les Paul. Did you take some nice pictures of this guitar, e.g. Sure you can find a great one of my old guitars but chances are there was something about the instrument I would have liked to change but it was not in my reach due to a lack of a real factory. The following text is what Suhr said in the forum of, “Mark Knopflers was an interesting story, naturally I don’t remember it the way Rudy does, something about designing on a paper napkin LOL. The Matt's Music crew will share our experiences with you!Matt's Music Blog. Registered User. End of story. John Suhr dd.31-08-2010: Ed King liked my personal guitar, which was solid Quilt Maple, as did Peter Frampton. The Limited Edition Modern Plus Curly features a beautiful Curly Maple top and is available in 4 finishes, including two exciting new gradient finishes: Desert Gradient and Aqua Blue Gradient. So that is what I did for both of them. I saw a stack of them for myself individually wrapped in packaging. In that time, it became apparent the completed bodies and necks were being shipped in from elsewhere. Eventually Mark grew less fond of the guitar as the neck was slim and he started to prefer larger necks. Pensa guitars history. Body, Hardware & Electronics The MK-I features a carved figured Maple cap on a Mahogany body. When I went to NYC to collect the guitar the following year, I met both Rudy and John and they were really lovely people but it was clear there was a fair bit of animosity between them. Suhr Custom MK-1 and Pensa Custom MK-1 Photoshopped MK1 in Official Pensa Ad. John Suhr himself, Wikipedia says March 1990), and after this there have been some arguments between Rudy Pensa and John Suhr concerning the rights to build a guitar to this specs. 0. Suhr. So basically I only had a perimeter Body and neck to work with, it was only 2D no neck shape, no body carves etc, so everything else including paint was done by me which was kind of rare since we didn’t really have a spray booth intended for that. 86 Pensa Suhr MK Red Special. Please contact an authorized Suhr dealer for availability. First, after looking at some pictures of the Pensa-Suhr MK1 I’m pretty sure the maple top is quilted and not flamed as stated here…am I right? If I remember correctly Mark’s guitar could only go for the full boost and there was no way to control it. Add to Basket. Your email address will not be published. I actually offered to make the Pensa-Suhr MK models for Rudy like 15 years ago but that ship has long sailed.”. I tried contacting Suhr’s customer support and they gave me something but it is not exactly it. 1987. Is it a regular Floyd which was mounted on a regular Trem ready body? At Pensa-Suhr I did do all the neck carves, frets and some of the paint. I was just 20 years old when I saw MK play at the Mandela concert. I was trying to do something similar on a strat of mine. | Portail francophone d'information et de promotion de l'intelligence artificielle. I have... }, { Hi! I spent a few days in NYC and visited the shop a few times. Suhr however stated that the guitar was basically designed by himself when Rudy Pensa suggested it as a new guitar for Mark. I have understood that the compressor effect is... }, { […] Pour plus de détails, rendez-vous sur le site où j’ai co-rédigé la... }, { hey INGO i have a EB vintage pedal it has the amp and inst... }, { Hi Johann, I think you can mostly hear Mark's amps (Komet, Fender Vibrolux, Tone... }, { Hi Ingo, hope all is well. Gibson Les Paul Standard 1958 9119 . In 1980, Knopfler and Rudy Pensa met, and eventually together with John Suhr created the Pensa "MK". I even emailed Mr. Suhr’s personal email…Still hoping to get a response. Any help will be much appreciated! Additionally, the new Marchione pickups are rich and vibrant while being noise free. Pensa Custom Guitars est une compagnie Americaine fabriquant des guitares et basses à la main. The Pensa MK-I is the flagship model that Mark Knopfler has been using for nearly 30 years. Gradient finishes were … Pensa Suhr MK: A dream come true - September 12, 2017. Just a week later, it was used on the Nelson Mandela's 70th birthday concert in 1988 and it was Mark's main guitar from 1988 until 1993. BTW, Did you manage to find that wiring diagram? Hey. Gentlemen, This is my first build thread at this forum, the … They went out to lunch and talked about details like Pickup color etc but otherwise it was pretty much already set in stone. The time to announce the winners of the Asato Suhr Contest has arrived! : The earliest "Pensa" electric guitar was called the "R Custom". The day has finally come! John explains that he already routed the Floyd Rose and Mark doesnt like those tremolo systems. Lui per tutta risposta mi ha riferito che la cosa era fattibile. Perhaps most famous for the Mark Knopfler signature guitar produced with Rudy Pensa, John Suhr’s Fender-inspired work like the Classic T reaches many more iconic artists like Scott Henderson and Bill Frisell. I didn’t ask much more about it. Top: Flamed maple. live with Eric Clapton in 1987), but the new Mk1 one was meant to be even more to Mark’s wishes and requirements. John Suhr contacted me in July 2011, mentioning that the guitar was made from Structural Foam, not wood on the body. Consequently, the versions about the origins of the idea to this guitar are different. ( di MK2 ne esistono circa 150 al mondo) I tried to google Non-Recessed Floyds with no luck. 4 and 5 string bass guitars available with custom electronics. maybe maybe not?? Mark got this guitar at the time of ‘Golden Heart’. You can upload your own pictures here (no registration required). I believe the bridge is a schaller I made a replica but never finished it, it just needs painting It was the first guitar I made myself and plays really well except its too heavy! However, Suhr left Pensa in March 1991 (Source. They were all very different back then due to the varied sources that were used for parts. Is it a Gotoh? Body: Chambered mahogany. Pensa Guitar "R Custom" 48° Street N.Y. anno 8/1985. Usually we had Pat Wilkins do the paint who also used to do Andersons paint since painting in NYC was sketchy. Pensa MK-90 Lindy Fralin P90 pickups, used on e.g. Una Suhr MK1 bellissima e super full optional ti costa sui 5 o 6000 euro. This is Black Pensa-Suhr guitar, also with EMG pick-ups. The original was Hand built by John Suhr in the late eighties. The first carved top I made was out of Alder, made a few, I think one of the first was for my dear buddy Eddie Martinez. Building it on the fly at the last minute I realized the body was too thin for the switch and have a control plate not hit it so I had to get creative by cutting down the back of the 5way switch.

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